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Overview of project activities

The CFPF is a two-year project based on policy development, communications and research activities. Project activities are outlined in more detail below.

Policy Development

The Canadian Fertilizer Product Forum (CFPF) established Working Groups with broad cross-sectoral mandates to build the foundation for ongoing dialogue and discussion on relevant regulatory issues. The objective of each Working Group is to develop consensus-based recommendations to government on a broad range of regulatory issues. Findings and recommendations from each Working Group are sent for review to the CFPF Executive Committee, and included in the project’s final reports.

The following Working Groups have been formed:

For more information on the Working Groups please click here.

Communications with stakeholders

Communications activities include:

Situation analysis report

Report includes:

Strategic plan

The Strategic Plan includes development of CFPF’s vision, strategies, action plan and sustainability.

Opinion research

The market research study will involve a telephone survey of 400 field crop growers in both Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) and Eastern Canada (Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI).

Study content and scope:

Four research reports

Report on product registration

Report on emerging market and product development opportunities

Report on industry standards

Report on marketplace monitoring

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